Security System

Acadiana Alarms offers a large variety of devices, transmitters, panels, and cameras to completely customize a system that fits your needs. Some of the key features of our security alarm systems include live answer, Bluetooth disarming, LTE, geofencing and encryption. Acadiana Alarms also provides a Wellness Solution to customers that wish to help an elderly family member or friend.

Live Answer

Live answer is a great feature to know who comes and goes by your home’s door. With speakers in your door bell, you can interact with them from inside the safety of your house or a remote location from your smartphone.

Bluetooth Disarming

Bluetooth disarming allows you to pair your smartphone up to your security system to automatically disarm it upon approaching it when you arrive home. No longer will you have to make a mad dash to the keypad with hands full of groceries.


LTE technology allows your security system to securely send alarm signals to the monitoring station. It utilizes cell communication technology, like a cell phone, to make sure your alarm signal will get through when it matters most. 


With geofencing, automatically arm or disarm your security system and home automation with smart rules. Customize your temperature, lights turning off/on, closing the garage door and arming your system whenever you leave your home.


Encryption ensures that your security system has another level of protection for you and your family by making sure your system doesn’t get hacked. Acadiana Alarms goes the extra mile to ensure your home’s secure. 

According to the FBI, in 2022 Louisiana ranked 3rd on the list of U.S. states with the highest burglary rates at 497.8 per 100,000 inhabitants. Acadiana Alarms can help you not become a statistic.

Wellness Solution

Through the combination of monitoring from smart cameras, notifications from transmitters to your phone and ability to control home automation remotely, Acadiana Alarms has the ability to offer the ability to take care of your loved ones.