Home Automation Services

Upgrading your house to a smart home offers so many different options for you to control including: light automation, smart thermostat, voice control, smart locks, water protection and connected car. Please see below for more information on each individual service.


Light Automation & Mobile App

Install Z wave receptacles in your home to control what devices you want on or off from your smart phone. Set smart rules to put devices on timers to have electronic devices automatically turn off when asleep or not home to save on your electric bill. Alarm.com’s app controls all of your home automation services in one convenient spot. 

Smart Thermostat

Control the temperature of your house from anywhere or on the go with the smart thermostat. Set rules to control the temperature while you are at work or timers to cool the house before you return.

Voice Control

Our security systems are compatible with Amazon Echo, Google Home and iPhone Devices. Use commands to Alexa, Google or Siri to turn the lights on, arm the security system, lock the front door and more.

Smart Locks

Lock your house when you are away with your smartphone or let someone into your house after verification from the doorbell camera. Setup smart rules to lock your door automatically when you leave your home or unlock when you approach the door arriving home.

Water Protection

Protect your home from water damage from leaky pipes inside or outside your house with the smart water valve and meter. Control facets and get alerts on water flow activity on your smart phone to monitor activity or stop water flow altogether. 

Connected Car

Now you can even connect your car to your home with Alarm.com’s technology. For tracking new driver’s in the household or starting up your security system and home automation with geofencing, Connected Car is another way to upgrade your everyday life.