Acadiana Smart Home Technologies is a division of American Integration Contractors, LLC (AIC) and has the a mission of bringing the quality security systems and services to residential and light commercial clients.

Founded by veteran law enforcement officers, AIC has been delivering high quality security to the commercial and governmental marketplace since 2009. Our founders have a passion for deploying real security solutions that meet our four core principles and must provide the following;

  • Best of Breed Technologies
  • Long-lasting/Durable
  • Rapid and Effective Response
  • Scalable Solutions

At, we deliver Smart Home Solutions. Take a tour and contact us today to get started on making your home both secure and smart.

Full Home Automation Can Be Accomplished With A Single Security System

Smart Living Starts with Smart Security

You use your Smartphone and other wireless devices to make life easier. Now, with, you can be just as
smart with your home’s security system. Our wireless security and automation system sees
everything that’s going on in your house, but is virtually unseen. No more ugly panels on your
wall. Instead, our security components can be placed discreetly anywhere in your house. You get instant control
and convenience from the devices you already use and love.
Now, this is smart:

Around-the-clock peace of mind

Our wireless security and automation system connects the devices in your home to the cloud, and the professional monitoring center for 24/7 reliability.

Customizable notifications

Get notifications the way that best suits how you live – text, email or computerized calls.

You’re in complete control

Control your home’s lights, locks, thermostats and even your garage door.

And you’re ready for tomorrow, too

With our technologies you can automate your home today and still be compatible with the latest technologies
tomorrow. And, you never have to worry about changing your system, because you can upgrade as you go.